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My name is April Martin, and I welcome you to my web site. In my work, I combine knowledge of energy healing, soul coaching, feng shui, and space clearing to help you create balance and harmony in your internal world and personal and professional environments.

A long-time animal lover and pet owner, I provide energy healing services to animals as well as people, with heartwarming success helping them overcome life traumas, thrive through surgeries and other stressful changes, and maintain overall wellbeing.

In addition, a special focal area is work with people who have life-threatening diagnoses.  I have created retreats for people with HIV/AIDS and specialized in Reiki for cancer patients. I offer emotional release work, soul coaching for those journeying with life-threatening illness.

Energy work and soul coaching services are available worldwide by Skype or phone and work equally well at a distance. Fully effective energy work sessions can also be done remotely without direct contact by Skype or phone as long as you let me know what needs to be addressed and when you'd like the work to take place.

April Martin

April E. Martin

I integrate creativity in all that I do, and offer my own creative transformational expression through prayer-inspired jewelry.

My business name, Red Butterfly, came in meditation as a symbol both of the soul and of transformation.  Transformation may be inner, through soul coaching to draw on your deepest inner wisdom, or through energy healing work to release trapped emotions and limiting beliefs or provide the self-guided energy of reiki.  Change may also be more externally focused, through feng shui or space clearing in your home or office environment. Transformational jewelry supports inner development while providing outer adornment.

In fact, our inner and outer environments constantly reflect and affect each other; in that dance, all facets of our lives and environments offer opportunities for healing.

I hope you’ll join me on a transformational journey!


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